Board of Directors

Our Board has 12-14 members who meet every month on the third Wednesday of the month from September to June. Additionally, Board members serve on at least one of 6 Board committees:


  • Executive and Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Supplier Liaison
  • Fundraising and Public Relations
  • French Language Services
  • Nominating

Board of Directors:

William Logan, President
Walter Davidson, Vice-President
Stuart McLeod, Treasurer and Secretary
Yolande Cremer, Past-President
Jacques Bédard, Director
Carolyn Best, Director
George Hermanson, Director
John Hladkowicz, Director
Phoebe McLelland, Director
Suzanne Allyson-Morello, Director
Ann Perron, Director
Brian Waters, Director
Lisa Wilson, Director

Did you know?

The first delivery of frozen meals was made on April 25th, 1991.